Service your HP DesignJet Plotter with us!

By nurnetworks
In May 21, 2016



HP DesignJet 800 and 500 were primarily a low cost plotter for CAD, graphic design, renderings, and technical drawings.  Currently these plotters are no longer produce or EOL (End Of Life) and being replace with a newer model.  Although the plotters have been obsolete, 3rd party and oem spare parts are still availabe in the market.  A few month ago we had the opportunity to repair and service the HP DesignJet 500 and  DesignJet 800 Printer.
Wear and Tear parts such as belting, encoder strips and printheads were replaced with new ones. Some other parts that have been broken due to misuse or degraded material were also been replaced such as trailing cable, carriage cover and spindle holder.


Service station and tube assembly were flushed and cleaned to remove excess inks that have already hardened and clogged.


Finally the plotter is then calibrated, tested, reassemble,packed and delivered back to the customer.  If you would like us to attend to your printers problems or simply want to buy one, do call us at 018-3185682 or mail to us at sales.inquiry[at]nurnetworks.my and we will attend to your problem accordingly.

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